Why Us?

We make world class products that makes us the OEM suppliers to many multi-nationals and also for international clients we develop customized products.

We have a legacy of three generations spanning 6 decades.

We follow international fragrance ingredient standards.

We plant tress to heal the earth for future generations.

We conduct 37 quality checks to ensure every incense burns uniformly so every prayer is free from interruption.

We strictly follow fair trade and ethical business practices.

We use the purest ingredients obtained directly from source.

We use natural materials that are Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS).

Our Products are made with the highest global quality standards without harming the environment, in the safest manner.

We empower rural women by providing employment.

We do not employ child labor or have forced labor.

We promote women empowerment and respect all employee rights.

We pay a balanced fair price to sustain markets and support worker requirements.

We create awareness about, and ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

We maintain transparency & accountability in manufacturing and payment processes.

We are conscious towards the environment and minimise all forms of wastage.

We are committed to environmental sustainability, empowerment of small-scale producers with fair, healthy and safe working conditions.

We endeavour to support best principles of people-centered development to improve the socio-economic standards of producer workers by ensuring appropriate compensation and benefits.

We strictly follow the guidelines listed above and expect conformity from our suppliers too.

Our Clients